The Cheezy Memoir of PiXEL-BiT

I can't promise that I'll post frequently

Been Gone for a While..

Hey guys, long time no see. I've been inactive for a little less than a week (feels like forever though). I'm enrolled in this pretty sweet summer program called Upward Bound. It's held in Fairbanks for students in Alaska (yes, I'm from th…

Bad Guy Concept Art

Okay, well today I drew some crappy concept art on one of my oc bad guys that I was going to use in a stick fight (but never did). I decided to dust off my old, sucky scanner, and share my general idea about how he looks with you guys. (ig…

Fruit by the Foot

I ran into this picture earlier today, and thought about sharing it with you guys: Credit to the original creator of this photo

The Minecraft Group

The Minecraft Group: Because it had to be made. Any fans of Minecraft are welcome to join ^_^

Hatena's User Interface

I anyone else frustrated with Hatena's user interface? I am. The main page for Hatena can only be displayed in Japanese, even when your selected language is English. The Hatena Profile pages for users could have some major tweaks done to t…

Day 1 without Flipnote Hatena

Is anyone else having withdrawals?

Flipnote Hatena: The Goodbye

A few minutes ago, I was watching as many of my favorite creators' recent flipnotes as possible before the shutting down of Flipnote Hatena service. As the second hand reached 12:00, I had suddenly lost connection from my DSi. This was whe…