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Flipnote Hatena: The Goodbye



A few minutes ago, I was watching as many of my favorite creators' recent flipnotes as possible before the shutting down of Flipnote Hatena service. As the second hand reached 12:00, I had suddenly lost connection from my DSi. This was when I realized that this was the end of it. (This is kind of a rough start on a blog entry, seeing that it's my first.) I just wanted to give a big thank you to Hatena, and all of the people who've used it. If it weren't for all of you, I wouldn't have had such a great experience, including countless other animators. If it weren't for all of you, I wouldn't have had the motivation, determination, friendship skills, and artistic skills that I do to this date. Thank you everyone. I hope to see you all on Flipnote 3D.


Message to fans: (I you somehow miraculously manage to find this blog entry)

Sorry to all of you guys if I couldn't post more flipnotes like I promised I would before this all came to an end. I had a vacation for a whole week, so I barely touched my DSi and had no wifi connection. I promised Zero that we'd finish our collab before it ended (so if you run into this, I'm sorry). I also promised a teaser for an upcoming series of mine. I made a pitiful attempt to finish it all today, but couldn't do it in time. I will create a remake when Flipnote 3D becomes available. I hope you all accept my apology. (A shoutout to FeeniX, the flipnote creator who gave me the inspiration to do great in everything I animate)


Pixel out.