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Hatena's User Interface

I anyone else frustrated with Hatena's user interface? I am. The main page for Hatena can only be displayed in Japanese, even when your selected language is English. The Hatena Profile pages for users could have some major tweaks done to them (There's too many things to even list). The Hatena Blog service could add much more things to create a better experience, like a better notification system. I remember subscribing to a handful of people's blogs, and not getting one single notification about their posts. It took me a while to actually find where I can do this. They should also keep the Hatena profiles more 'connected' to services used by users, like when you favorite a user, you get notifications about when they post something on blog, haiku, and other services. I'm not saying the user interface is crappy or anything, but it could use a lot of tweaking to have a more enjoyable experience. All I want to say is: Hatena, please make your user interface more user-friendly.