The Cheezy Memoir of PiXEL-BiT

I can't promise that I'll post frequently

Been Gone for a While..

Hey guys, long time no see. I've been inactive for a little less than a week (feels like forever though). I'm enrolled in this pretty sweet summer program called Upward Bound. It's held in Fairbanks for students in Alaska (yes, I'm from there) and held in other places in different states. I arrived about 5 days ago, and have been loving it since. I've been staying at UAF after I arrived there (the college in Fairbanks). New people, new environment, new weather, new EVERYTHING. The thing is, I kinda miss home, especially my bed. Soo.. I guess you could say this was an 'update' entry to inform you guys I haven't disappeared from the face of the earth or anything :P. Also, some bad news. My DSi got stolen right before I left. It had mah SD card with all of my sentimental stuff on it.. I hope I somehow get it back sometime soon :[ cause I actually figured out a way to share flipnotes with all of you guys despite Flipnote Hatena's shut down. So.. wish me luck I guess? :D.. Welp, catch you guys later.